The Many Important Services of Brannan Veterinary Clinic

Everyone knows how important it is for pets to be vaccinated. However, there is more to pet care than rabies and flu shots. In addition to vaccinations, Brannan Veterinary Clinic performs a number of other important services for pets.

Dental Program
If you thought morning breath on humans was bad, you must have never had a dog breathe in your face. Pets are notorious for their bad breath. As cute as they are, it can possibly be a sign of bacteria that leads to the buildup of plaque and tartar. Other signs of dental disease reddened gums, drooling, missing teeth, and discomfort while eating. It’s important to get a jump start on a good dental program for your pets. Letting dental issues persist can lead to worse issues such as kidney and heart disease.

Senior Wellness
Some of us have had our pets for so long that we forget they actually age a lot faster than we do. Pets are considered to be “seniors” once they reach about 8-10, depending on their breed and size. As they age, their needs change. They may require special diets and more careful attention than they did as a kitten or puppy. From a proper nutritional regimen to what to expect going forward, the staff at Brannan Veterinary Clinic is glad to assist you in determining the best method of care and lifestyle for your aging best friend.

Just like their humans, pets often come across health-related issues that require surgery. Some of the more common reasons why pets need to undergo surgery include tooth extractions, skin mass removal (benign and malignant), bladder stones, and torn ACLs. At Brannan Veterinary Clinic, we are equipped to provide the best care in these surgeries and more. We have one of the best veterinary surgical teams around. Our focus is on pain management, patient safety, and owner comfort.

Over the years, microchipping has grown as the proven method to help keep pets safe in unexpected situations. Our little four-legged friends are adventurous by nature. Whether something catches their eye or a scent catches their attention, it’s not uncommon for dogs and cats to wander away from home. With microchipping, a small chip is implanted discretely into your pet. This chip carries pertinent information regarding your pet that can help keep them safe and return them back home.

In addition to the aforementioned services, Brannan Veterinary Clinic also provides radiology, pain management, parasite removal, and wellness programs for puppies and kittens. For more information regarding Brannan Veterinary Clinic and our services, please visit our website or contact us at either 419-893-0552 or